Our Local Impact

Local Impact

Academic success, good citizenship, healthy lifestyles and athletic programs. These are the four categories that the clubhouses strive to cover so that our members can have great futures.

Academic Success

An integral component of our academic success program is Istride. It's an online learning platform that reinforces skills, increases competency, and provides real time progress reports. In addition to Istride, Power Hour remains a Clubhouse favorite. We added academic success coordinators who create an environment that supports completing homework. Having staff who are really focused on academic achievement increased the members who participated.

2015 Academic Facts:

  • 1216 members received homework help
  • 16% increase in academic programs offered
  • 53% more kids accessed Istride
  • 51% more technology high yield learning activities

Athletic Programs

Youth sports play an important role in teaching social, physical, and emotional growth in our children and is something that we take seriously. Through our athletic programs children can play basketball, volleyball, football, softball, and baseball. Sports are a positive outlet for children. Our staff and volunteer coaches work hard to teach our children the values of teamwork, responsibility, accountability, commitment, sportsmanship, while highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

2015 Athletic Facts:

  • 570 sports teams participating in all athletic programs
  • Over 1200 volunteer coaches mentored our athletes
  • 12U Baseball team advanced to quarterfinals of LL World Series
  • Games were played in over 35 locations around the county

Healthy Lifestyles

Members make choices everyday that affect their physical and emotional health. 2015 brought a new focus on healthy eating habits. We now use the Ferndale Clubhouse as a centralized kitchen where our Healthy Foods Coordinator prepares meal and snacks that are distributed to our Clubhouses. New favorites include black bean chili, chicken and bean burritos, broccoli chicken sesame salad and sweet potato enchiladas. Our SMART programs, which are aged based, highlight the importance of making informed decisions that consider more than how a child feels at that moment in time.

2015 Healthy Lifestyles Facts:

  • 79,039 meals and snacks prepared and served
  • 1689 members participated in healthy lifestyle programs
  • 104 presidential fitness challenge participants
  • 158 members participated in garden club, a 72% increase
  • 48% of clubhouse participants qualify for free & reduced lunch programs at school.

Good Citizenship

We believe one does not have to wait until they are an adult with a job to give back or make a difference in the community. This is a consistent theme throughout all of our citizenship programs. Our members are learning to use their powerful voices to be the change that our community benefits from. The valuable skills such as problem solving, leadership, planning, and collaborating help to inspire others to make a great future for everyone. Through service to the Club and community our youth are getting a head start on sharing their time and talent with others.

2015 Citizenship Facts:

  • 125 Teens active in leadership programs
  • 51 Girl Scout Troopers
  • 16 Community service projects involving 182 members